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Products : Safety Equipment

TMS South carries Safety Equipment from most major manufacturers as well as some of the hard-to-find companies. Select from the list below to find the product information pages you need. Sections are listed alphabetically by manufacturer name.

Item # Description Sub Category Image
40400007 28in Stainless Steel Pull Rod Haws
40400020 Guardian GS Filter Guardian
40400021 Guardian Spray Head Filter Guardian
40400023 Haws Eye Wash Head Haws
40400024 Haws 2in Plastic Eye/Face Wash Head Haws
40400026 Haws 1/2inX 1/4in Valve With Flag Haws
40400027 1/4 X 1/2 90 Eye Wash Strainer Haws
40400028 Wall Mounted Eye Wash Receptor Haws
40400029 Model 7360b-7460b, Wall Mounted, Stainless Bowl, Eye/Face Wash With Axion Msr_ Eye/Face Wash Head. Haws
40400033 Combo W/ABS Shower & Ss Bowl Haws
40400034 Haws Eye & Shower Unit Haws
40400035 Aerated Bullhorn Assembly Speakman
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